Tumbling @The Pit!

Join us for world class tumbling classes for all ages...

Tumbling Class Levels

Beginner Tumbling 

Beginner tumbling is the perfect class for perfecting those basic and essential fundamentals!  

There are NO entry Requirements.


Intermediate Tumbling 

Intermediate tumbling builds off all the fundamental skills mastered in beginner tumbling. 

Entry Requirements for Intermediate tumbling are:

  • Backward Roll to Plank 

  • Handstand to Bridge

  • Bridge from Standing with kick Over

  • Proper Cartwheel & Handstand

  • Roundoff Rebound


Advanced Tumbling

Advanced tumbling is for those who have built that power and spring in their step.  

Entry Requirements for Advanced tumbling are:

  • Handstand to Bridge

  • Back Walkover

  • Roundoff Rebound

  • Standing Back Handspring

Adult Open Gym & Tumbling (Ages 18+)

Mondays & Wednesdays 7-8pm

Drop in $15/visit 

**To participate in Adult Open Gym, you must be a

paid registered member of The Peach Pit

($45 Annual Membership Fee)

Brookhaven Membership & Tuition 

45 Minute Class $88/Month 

1 Hour Class $100/Month 

2 Hour Class $150/Month 

45 Minute Custom Class $100/Month

1 Hour Class $108/Month

2 Hour Class $160/Month

Tuition Fees are due MONTHLY on the first of each month based on the class selected. You may cancel out of class with written notice only to brookhaven@peachpitgym.com. Cancellations must be made by the 15th of the previous month, or you will be billed for the following month - NO EXCEPTIONS. 


We offer 10% discount off all siblings and second classes.

 Late fees of 15% apply to any account overdue by 7 days.  

 *All athletes and trial enrollments must be registered members of The Peach Pit.  

The Peach Pit requires a non-refundable annual $45 membership fee for the first child and $20 thereafter for all programming. There is a $75 family maximum.


The Peach Pit is happy to consider a refund for unused fees for classes, camps or parties with 30 days advance notice.  All refunds requested after the class has passed or cancelled will not be considered. Registration fees, uniform and competition fees are non-refundable.