Recreation Class Criteria



Level 1

Level 2

Level 1 is the perfect class for beginners! 


Our Recreational level 1 class focuses on teaching your child proper form and technique with basic level gymnastics skills on Bars, Beam, Vault, Trampoline, and Floor! 

Level 2 is an Intermediate Level Recreational Gymnastics class with instruction on Beam, Bars, Vault, Floor & Trampoline.


Entry Requirements for level 2 are:


  • Handstand

  • Cartwheel 

  • Forward Roll to Standing (with no hands)

  • Straight Jump & Split Jump

  • Bridge 



  • Chin Up Pullover 

  • Chin,Tuck,Candlestick & Straddle Hold

  • Hollow Body Hold

  • Cast with Straight Arms



  • Tiger Tail with Straight Leg 

  • Straight Jump

  • Pivot Turn 

  • Backwards Walk

  • Arabesque with Straight Leg

  • Split Leap



  • Vault Running

  • Handstand position on wall

  • Proper Vault Approach to Springboard

  Level 3

Level 3 is an Advanced Level Recreational Gymnastics class taking all entry level skills and kicking it up a notch! 


Entry Requirements for level 3 are:


  • 10 Second Tuck, Pike, Chin & Straddle Hold

  • Back Hip Circle

  • Glide Swings with Straight Legs 

  • 3 Straight Arm Casts

  • Cast Shoot Through

  • Front Mill Circle


  • Split Leap

  • Lunge Lever Lunge 

  • 5 Second Arabesque

  • Tuck Jump, Split Jump & Straight Jump on Beam

  • Side Handstand Dismount

  • Handstand on Beam 


  • Proper Spring Board Hurdle

  • Handstand Flat Back Vault

  • Straight Jump Vault

  • Handstand Hop


  • Round Off

  • Backbend from Standing

  • Kickover from Bridge with Straight Legs

  • Backward Roll to Plank

Level 4

Level 4 is our most advanced recreational gymnastics class here @ The Peach Pit. 


It takes all competitive level skills of team athletes & mixes into a fun

non-competitive class! 


Entry Requirements for level 4 are:


  • 10 Second Tuck, Straddle, Pike, Candlestick hold

  • Cast Back Hip Circle on Bars

  • Front Hip Circle

  • Squat On Jump

  • Underswing Dismount

  • Casts to Horizontal

  • Mill Circle

  • Shoot Through


  • Handstand

  • Handstand Half-turn Dismount

  • Split Leg Leap 

  • Pivot Turn on High toe

  • Ronde Du Jambe


  • Proper Springboard Approach and Hurdle

  • Handstand Flat Back

  • Straight Jump Vault

  • Proper Handstand against wall

  • Handstand Hops


  • Backward roll to Plank

  • Split Jump, Straddle Jump

  • Handstand Forward Roll

  • Round Off Rebound

  • Standing Back Hand Spring

  • Back Walk Over

  • Handstand to Bridge Kickover





Beginner tumbling is the perfect class for perfecting those basic and essential fundamentals! 

There are NO entry Requirements.

Intermediate tumbling builds off all the fundamental skills mastered in beginner tumbling. 


Entry Requirements for Intermediate tumbling are:

  • Backward Roll to Plank 

  • Handstand to Bridge

  • Bridge from Standing with kick Over

  • Proper Cartwheel & Handstand

  • Roundoff Rebound

Advanced tumbling is for those who have built that power and spring in their step.  

Entry Requirements for Advanced tumbling are:

  • Handstand to Bridge

  • Back Walkover

  • Roundoff Rebound

  • Standing Back Handspring